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    This name was formed by the combination of the names of Costessey builders Sissen and Bugdale and has been the
    name of our Bungalow (which is interestingly co-located with the now non-operational original Costessey Water Tower)
    since being owned from new by my grandparents.

                                                                                Images of A Xmas Past

          Cake (Eskimo fishing near Igloo) Xmas 1999                                Eeyore with Owner

            Benji with present                                                                    Sunset At SENDALE

                  Please note that our Benji passed away in February 2002, so can no longer reply to any emails sent to him

  Relaxing at Euston Hall

  At the Beach, Walcott

    Pat and Winston, ready for anything
       Pat and Winston, ready for nothing

       Xmas cake 2012                          Xmas cake 2013                               Twinkling Tree

          One of Pat's Oils                       Winston with a nervous passenger          Xmas Cake 2016

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